Wednesday, 19 December 2012


People keep talking about 21st December.
What if it is real?
I don't believe at all these stuff.
But what if it is real?
I got so many thing need to do.
I got my dreams to achieve.
I got my goals to strike on.

But I think I only need one thing if the day comes.
A shoulder to lay on.

Seems like I'm surrounded by people.
But there's actually zero shoulder for me..

When people keep thinking of themselves,
I keep thinking for people,
Who will think of me?
That's the reality of life.
Sucks? Hell Yeah.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Get Up!

It was a hard day for me today.
Had a test.
Feeling so much of depression.

Doing the thinking for the whole day for a decision.

Walking out of the uni is much more stressing than what I can imagine.
Life isn't easy than I thought.

I may not owned a colourful life,
I may not owned a high paid job,
I may not owned a wealthy background,
But I owned some that truly loves me.

Stole their warmness,
Stole their braveness,
To get up and try and try and try..

Here's new cover from Jayesslee!!! Yay!! Been long waiting for their new cover. This song is really motivational for those who meet awful or stressful thingy. Cheers!

P/s: Sonia is so cute here =) 

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Graduation.

Hey, I'm back. 
Yeap, the post is about my graduation that held during 22nd October 2012. Why took me a month to upload? I'm LAZZYYYYYY =p
The post's going to be full with pictures, tried to choose only some pictures but there are so many nice pictures that I wanna share. HAHA. 
Me and friends are way too hardworking in taking graduation photos~~ we took all the pictures with different friends for 3 days!  Really crazyy. 

Pre-Graduation :

love this family shoot <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Thank you for being there for my big day, I know its been hard since there are so many things that happened before the day. Still they came for it. Thanks.

Graduation Day : 

Before the ceremony started..we waited for the lecturers to fill in their seats.
Look at our faces, bored while waiting for our turns~ haha. 
How we kill the boredom always! =D
Finally it's my turn ! 
The ceremony end and we had to wait all the lecturers to leave the hall before we can leave, just couldn't wait any longer to take pictures outside the hall!! It's like that will be the last chance to take pictures with all the course mates and lecturers. Grab the chance ! 
Group photo always come first =) With Dr. Balvinder.
After the ceremony, this is what going on outside the hall!!! CROWDED~
We walked in the university together, we took the same course and we end it together.
The best chagiya award just for her!!!!! I.M.Y =(
MoYu, MC and Boon.
With Si Panjang--Stephanie =)
My Ex-Room mate--> Marissa
My Ex-House mate --> 老蔡
Ex-House mates too --> Aric & Simon.
You played a good role here, thank you for making me look so tiny !!! =D
Edmond, brother.
Kingston, brother.
Thanks for my special photographer ! 

After Graduation : 
Still taking graduation photos, but this time with Catherine and Lee Choo. We went straight away to uni after the island trip. Spot our reddish skin tone. 

Still smiling wide under the sun with the sun-burned skin. Haha.

That's all for the long post.
I don't know I have to say this for how many times.. but I really do appreciate those who walks in and walks out from my life.
Every single person changed the previous me to become a better one.
Family- Financial and overloaded love.
BF- For being there always for me. Being my joker. Bullied by me. My No.1 Fans! =)
BFF - For being so patient with me for my stupidness and always been there when I need somebody to talk.
MAT/DTS(previous internship company) - For being so kind and keep on helping me though I'm no longer working there, especially to my Boss, Ms.Donna Koh.
UMS - Thank you for accepting me as part of the students. And giving me so much memories in uni.
Google - Thank you for your help in my every assignments! Keep in working as "Bing" is getting ahead of you now!
Facebook - For keeping me updated on the gossips in uni and allowed us to decrease meeting in uni into assignment discussion in FB!
Husky - For being so cute and stupid and naughty.

There are so many to thank.. Thank you for making me become a better person.

Next post : Last trips in KK.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

His 24 !

Yes, this was when he was sick, and Im like a boss that time..HAHA. He will kill me when he sees this! 
Today is his 24th birthday, he's 24!!!! Still like a kid -.-!!

Another video for him, but will post it at some other place. Its taking like FOREVER to be uploaded!!!

This is the second birthday since we've been together.. Celebrate it with Skype again now. 

Nothing more can i say, it's really hard to think of your gift, what to surprise you, how to celebrate.....pimples popping! Argh~~!!!!
Just one thing I have to conclude,



Happy Birthday my precious.

Thursday, 4 October 2012


I'm 23.
I will be graduating this coming 22nd October.
I'm still searching for a job that I love.
But   I can't have the dream to search it by myself.
For what I grew up?
If you don't let me face everything by myself..
I know it's tough
I know you worried
But just let me try, would you?
Give me some time
Only  if I'm fail
I will back to be your little girl. 


Yes, I'm UNEMPLOYED now !!!! 

Just finished my internship program with Mayflower Acme Tours Sdn Bhd / Discovery Tours (Sabah) Sdn Bhd. It was a great pleasure to have the chance to work with each individual in the company. I was kind like foreigner to them, as I'm a Sarawakian, maybe that's the reason they really take good care of me..HAHA =)

When you saw this, you will know I was really near with Mount Kinabalu. *wink wink*
During the internship, I went to the company's Social Trip a.k.a Family Trip to Kundasang. 
Cool Air....Fresh Air........
Picture Location : Kinabalu National Park

The trip was a 2D1N trip. We stayed in Wind Paradise Resort. 
Nice Resort with BBQ facilities!!! It's a good combination of BBQ with the cool air, and with beer maybe ? LOL! 
Picture Location : Wind Paradise Resort, Kundasang

Group Photo 1. 

Group Photo 2.

Yes, yes, yes~~~~
This is the place we sleep!!!!
Nice huh?
Its a Mongolian Yurt, a great experience to be a Mongolian for a day.
Address : 3.8km, Jalan Mesilau, Cinta Mata, Kundasang.
Tel : 088 714 563
Email :
Rate : RM300 per unit/night

The Mongolian Yurt is a family room. One queen size bed with two single beds. 

28 September 2012, I had my last day in the company. They made me a Farewell Party at Kinabalu Golf Club. 

With my working supervisor, Mr Louis Lee. He is not shy till become tomato in the picture, but he was drunken =.=!! 

With the cutest senior from Accounts Department, Ms. Anna. 

With my favourite department bosses! Ticketing Department, Ms Donna (left) and Ms. Anny (right). 
p/s : I need a hair cut and dye badly!!!!

The last group photo with them .

Okay, I'm unemployed, who want to take me??? =D